Prevention if better than cure. As a result, we adhere to the principles of the waste hierarchy across the Eco-Power Environmental Group and are committed to working with our customers to develop process which prevent waste being produced.

We are also realistic and recognise that for the foreseeable future we will continue to generate significant volumes of commercial and municipal waste. Given this is the case we believe in optimising the environmental and commercial value of all the waste that we produce. An important step in doing this is to adopt the mindset that this material isn’t waste at all and to view it as a valuable secondary resource. These resources can be used in the development of sustainable supply chains or the production of sustainable energy.

Minimising our impact on the planet and the development of a more circular economy is not something that can be achieved in isolation. If we are to be successful it will require a far higher degree of cross-sector working and political buy-in. As a business however, there are areas where we can make a positive contribution to preserving the planet for future generations. Check out our Sustainability Targets