Our Facilities

Eco-Power Environmental operates two recycling and sustainable fuel production facilities in South Yorkshire and Humberside, which divert 95% of the material we process from landfill.

Both sites have excellent transport links, providing a quick and efficient service for third party waste inputs. These include on-site rail links which provide highly cost-effective transport option for large volumes of waste and our alternative fuel products.

Both facilities include an impressive range of technologies capable of processing both commercial and municipal waste. These include:


The vast majority of waste that we process passes through our bio drying facility to drive off excess moisture. In addition to reducing the volume of the material, this makes it easier to process and to recover additional recyclable material. It also minimises the moisture content of our alternative fuel products making them highly energy efficient.

Automated recycling lines

These incorporate a range of technologies such as:

  • Trommels & Screens – fines, glass, stone
  • Magnets & eddy current separators – ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Ballistic separators – 2D from 3D fractions
  • NIR (Near Infrared Technology) – plastic polymers inc. PVC

As a result, we divert over 95% of the material we process through our facilities from landfill.

Manual picking lines

There is still no better technology than the human eye. Our manual picking lines, which confirm to the highest health and safety standards, are used to either remove unwanted materials that contaminate recycling streams or to pick additional recyclates. This enables us to optimise the commercial and environmental value of the material we process.

Fuel Production

Our subsidiary, Eco-Power Fuels, utilises the material that cannot be recycled in the production of its sustainable fuel products. This ensures the energy value of this material is captured and that virtually none of the material we manage needs to be landfilled. Our alternative fuel products include Eco-Power Pellets, SRF, RDF and biomass products. For more information click visit eco-powerfuels.com.